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Brush Control and Land Clearing


Forestry Mulching is a vegetation management method that uses a single machine to selectively cut trees, brush, and vines to clear unwanted vegetation while leaving behind a fine layer of mulch that is operational as well as beautiful. Forestry mulching is more efficient than using a chainsaw or a tractor with a bush hog while more cost-effective than a bulldozer, loader, and hauler. This one-machine, one-operator method can take all stumps and stems flush to the ground, leaving a surface that can be immediately driven over, mowed, or pasture seeded.


The resulting mulch also provides superior erosion protection and reintroduces nutrients right back into the soil. A forestry mulcher can access densely forested areas that cannot accommodate larger machinery. Forestry mulchers can also operate in inclement weather and on softer, more vulnerable surfaces, allowing forestry mulching to occur year-round. Perhaps most important, forestry mulching is ecologically friendly and less disruptive than other clearing methods; the land is not left scarred or burned, “keeper” trees suffer less damage, and “feeder” roots are protected.


Land Clearing is an excavation process that involves cutting trees with mechanized machines combined with a forestry mulcher to grind tops and debris leaving an erosion protection barrier then stumps are removed using an excavator and buried or hauled away and ground elsewhere.  Logs can be left on site, chipped or hauled away.  This process is more invasive and costly, however is required for farming of the land or site development.


Ditches and Fencerows are managed and maintained using specialized equipment to cut trees and place debris into an area for further removal.  This method does not disturb the grasses and root systems that contain the ditch walls and fences.  We can also mulch and trim using boom mounted equipment to reach difficult and dangerous places.

Brush Control Gallery

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