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Septic and Drain Field Repair

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When your drain field is failing - or has completely failed - you may have been told that you need a full replacement.  While a replacement is sometimes needed, restoration is often more than enough to get your drain field back up and running!  Whether you need a new system installed or repairs and remediation, we can help!

Gustafson Excavating can install or repair any size septic or drain field. Contact us today for a free consultation! 

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Signs You Need Repair

  • Slow moving drain and/or gurgling sounds coming from your drains

  • Sewage smell coming from septic tank/drain field area or inside drains

  • Water backing up into toilets, drains, dish or clothes washers, etc.

  • Water near or around septic tank

  • Standing water on top of drain field

  • Water coming back into your septic tank after being pumped

  • When you septic tank is "riding under pressure". Which means there is water above the operating level indicating that your tank is under pressure because your drain field is not dispersing the effluent as it should.

Soil Fracturing

Soil Fracturing works by reducing or eliminating, compaction within the septic drain fields, and does this by creating fissures in the soil. We force a dose of high pressure air that forces the soil particles apart, no matter how wet or compacted they have become. It is this compaction that is so often the cause of difficult to diagnose problems in a septic system.  It also literally blasts blockages back to the tank and breaks up biomat.

The end result is something known as an aerobic environment, which means your soil is improved at the same time the septic is restored and the drain fields rejuvenated. Grass and flowers are likely to grow better in this area as it creates a far better environment in general.

It is fast and effective.  Our team arrives with the specialized machinery, measures out the appropriate spots for the probes and then pumps in the air and polystyrene beads. Then, your septic system should get back on track almost immediately.

It costs much less than having an entirely new septic system or new drain fields installed, and can often be completed in 1 day.

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Septic Repair Gallery

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